Memoirs of a Muhindi: Fleeing East Africa for the West

This is what some of the media reviewer have been saying about  Mansoor Ladha’s  Memoirs of a Muhindi: Fleeing East Africa for the West


*Memoirs of a Muhindi gave me a glimpse into a story I knew nothing about. So much of Africa’s history focuses on the struggle between black and white. Ladha’s story is a unique perspective of a particular time and place in Africa’s history.     WWW.SKBOOKS.COM

* This is a memoir that bears witness to history and that succinctly captures the pains and frustrations of many people who lived in East Africa. Writing is very accessible and captivating style, the author captures the political setting with forensic clarity, bearing witness to what happens when a nation decides to draw a line between peoples of different ethnic origins, religions and regions…This is an inspiring story, a journey of one man’s passage from despair to hope, and a succinct rebuke of dictatorship. It’s a story about a nightmare, and the only difference is that it is real. Readers will enjoy the historical and political references in this memoir, the engaging social commentaries, and the protagonist determination to find freedom. Memoirs of a Muhindi Fleeing East Africa for the West by Mansoor Ladha will transport readers to an Africa they’d never want to be part of, a story of survival and hope.   – Readers’ Favorite


Why journalist ‪@LadhaMansoor wrote a memoir about his search for belonging:

‪ …Successful book launches have already been held in Calgary and Toronto.  Book launches are planned for Edmonton and Vancouver soon.

MJL_8301.JPGCalgary MayorNaheed nenshi accepts Memoirs of a Muhindi: Fleeing East Africa for the West from author Mansoor Ladha (right). Mr. Nenshi has endorsed the book, describing it as “a valuable voice.” Also pictured is the mayor’s mother Noorjehan (left).

Memoirs of a Muhindi: Fleeing East Africa for the West is available form, Chapters/Indigo, Costco and leading local book stores. An ideal gift to give for Xmas or another occasion to your friends, business associates or colleagues.

With your support, this will definitely become a best seller. Appreciate your support.

Asante sana, all Muhindis and non-Muhindis. Mansoor.



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